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The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow

This weeks shared drum score was written for a 2 parted jig called The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow – not only chosen because of it’s name…, it is also a very cool tune. I believe it was originally a 6/8 march, however this is written to a recording of the tune in a jig version made by the PM of Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band, Nikolai Hagen Huse.

The score is pretty straight forward and simple, however Continue reading

Johnnys Jig

This weeks drum score was written for a Danish band and drum corp of experienced drummers seeking a drum score for this neat short jig. I first time played something to this tune back in ’99, so it was a nice re-visit to write something for this tune again. The aim was to not to make the drum score too difficult to execute, yet at the same time make it possible to express a lot of dynamic. For example, I think, that the Continue reading

Banjo Breakdown

This weeks shared drum score was written for the exciting tune Banjo Breakdown. These 4 parts of jig seems to be very crowd pleasing and fun to play especially amongst parade and concert bands throughout Europe – perhaps all over the globe?

I wrote the drum score for a local Danish drummer who’s at the beginner level, but wanted the challenge of playing this jig. Therefore I limited the difficulty and technical challenges to fit his comfort level – yet leaving a few  working spots for him in the 3rd and 4th part. In those parts, I think it’s very important to Continue reading

Manden som gik efter øl

This weeks shared drum score was written a year ago for a traditional tune called Manden Som Gik Efter Øl, which means the man who went to get beer. It was written for a tiny pipe band in Denmark with one piper and one drummer. They wanted something specifically for this tune, so I wrote this drum score for them. The level of the drum score is meant to fit the beginner pipe band drummer. I think the tune is Continue reading

Bronnies Blue Brozzi

This weeks shared drum score was made this past summer for the 2 parted version (2 first parts) of the jig Bronnies Blue Brozzi. I’ve always enjoyed listening to and playing this jig. I remember we played this jig in a concert set with Triumph Street Pipe Band and I was playing the djembé for this rocking tune. Very good times.

This drum score was written for the advanced level, and it follows the tune quite well I find and has some obvious dynamics installed as you can probably catch Continue reading

The Gael

This weeks shared drum score was written last year for a local Danish band for the tune The Gael, known from the film “The Last of the Mohicans”. It was written for the beginner to experienced level- I would say that a beginner with some experience should be able to play this. The hard thing here is really the musical idiom for 6/8 marches and for 6/8 jig.

The tune starts off with a piping solo part, which then transforms into a march and then a jig. I tried to make the drum score fairly easy Continue reading

The Panda

This weeks shared drum score was written for a very popular tune composed by Gordon Duncan called the The Panda. I’ve heard this tune played by many solo pipers, bands and solo drummers over the years. It’s very catchy, and it’s one of those tunes where you as a drummer can play almost anything to it, and it will sound good. It’s also one of those tunes that can easily be arranged in multiple ways to fit into a selection or a concert set by adding different uptakes, breaks and syncopations. I wrote this drum score to the standard version of the tune. The drum score should be drumable for any drummers at the experienced/advanced level. Notice that the Continue reading

The Pony Gallop

The first time I came across this tune was in some of my earlier years of pipe band drumming, probably beginning to mid 90’ties. I was playing with the Heather Pipes & Drums of Copenhagen B-band (grade 4 band) and we played this tune in the medley. The shared score was written in June this year. The drum score is written for the beginner level. The focus here is to get a fluent a and easy introduction to the jig idiom. Therefore I’ve used only a limited amount of technical bits in there, to allow focus on the swing of it. Rolls can be tricky in jigs, so watch out for these when you Continue reading

The Hen’s March

This shared drum score was written for the 4 parted jig The Hen’s March. It was written for the Balagan concert band back in 2009. It was meant to be part of a jig set, as I recall. On the recording you’ll hear that I play some sort of the rhythm in the 3rd part, sort of imitating the djembe that was meant to join in at that point. The level of the drum score is for the advanced drummer. I really enjoy drumming to this lively tune. If I were to play in for solos, I’d of course Continue reading

Hag At The Churn

This weeks shared drum score was written earlier this year for a medley for the international band Cross Borders Pipe Band. It was written to be the last tune of the selection following a 9/8 jig. That thing is sweet in general – from 9/8 to 6/8 jig is like starting a tempo party or something. Since the tune itself is rather short, this arrangement is made for playing the tune twice. On the repeat the pipers will play harmonies, and drums will layer their re-entry towards the 2nd part of the tune.

One of the most fun stuff about writing this drum score was, to write the Continue reading

Paddy Be Easy

This drum score is an updated and extended version of an older drum score I wrote for this tune back in 2014. This time it’s for 4 parts, as well as a reprise of the 1st part. It was meant to fit a small drum corp of adult learners who’s looking for a simple yet interesting score for this slip jig. I added in a break in the 3rd part to create some dynamics in the overall presentation. In the repeat of the part, there’s an option Continue reading

Conrads Hat

This drum score was written for a tune composed by Michael Grey called Conrads Hat. It’s named after the hat of a german piper. The tune has a very distinct ending frase which is also noticed in the drum score.

The level of the drum score is meant to fit intermediate level drummers with some knowledge of playing jigs yet it leaves a fed challenging bits such as Continue reading

Paddy Be Easy

This drum score was written a few years back for a grade 4 band. It was written to be part of a concert set which would allow all the drummers to play along. The level of the drum score is therefore set to beginner level and is relatively easy to execute. It’s also my experience that the piping tune is fairly easy to execute for the pipers, which makes this tune and also the drum score a good choice for any band at any level. Notice, this drum score is only made for two parts. A way of arranging this tune, in a medley for example, could be to Continue reading

Three In A Row

This score of the week was written back in 2003 for a 4-parted 6/8 jig written by Bernard Bouhadana, now PM of Balagan. The piping music for this lovely jig and other great compositions can be found in the tune book Northern Lights Book One – which can be purchased here or you can of course contact Bernard directly and ask him for the piping music. I wrote a drum score for this tune, because I really like the tune – it’s so melodic and lyrical as if it tells a story. I find it to be a less ordinary jig with a few nice twists which are nice for a drummer to jam to – for example the Continue reading