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The 24th Guards Brigade At Anzio

This weeks shared drum score was written for the Cross Borders Pipe Band – for the MSR. We’re going to compete with this at the World Championships in Glasgow this year (2024). This past weekend we had a band rehersal weekend in Copenhagen and, we had planned to finish it off by performing in public at Kongens Nytorv right next to The Royal Theatre and famous Nyhavn. However unsteady weather meant that we thought we could spend the time better rehersing inside. Anyhow.

The drum score starts off with a Continue reading

Jock Wilson’s Ball

This drum score was written for the uplifting, positive and melodic reel Jock Wilson’s Ball. It’s my 2nd drum score for this tune – this time written for the experienced drummer to be play by a local band for their “easy” MSR in grade 4 competitions.

The most challenging part of the score is the accented rolls – especially in bar Continue reading

The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow

This weeks shared drum score was written for a 2 parted jig called The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow – not only chosen because of it’s name…, it is also a very cool tune. I believe it was originally a 6/8 march, however this is written to a recording of the tune in a jig version made by the PM of Oslo Caledonian Pipe Band, Nikolai Hagen Huse.

The score is pretty straight forward and simple, however Continue reading

We’re No Awa’ Tae Bide Awa’

This weirdly name tune is a part of a 4/4 march competition set of a local Danish pipe band, and was written for their level (beginner), as the last tune of their march set. Since it’s a one parted tune, they play it twice. Again the material in there is fairly basic – 7-stroke rolls, flams and triplets – so it’s suitable for a lot of drum corps. The space in the drum score and the relative easy difficulty level leaves a lot of room for Continue reading

Bonnie Galloway

This weeks shared drum score was written a year ago for a local Danish grade 4b band for their 4/4 competition set. It’s the third tune in their set. The drum score itself is pretty straight forward with a lot of basic elements such as the 7 stroke roll, triplets and flams aswell as a few 13’s and 25-stroke rolls. It’s written to fit a very basic level of drumming and suitable for Continue reading

Cha Till MacCruimein

This weeks shared drum score was written for a local grade 4b band to be played in their 4/4 competition march set. The tune itself is rather catchy I think, so the aim here was not to make the drum score too disruptive. The technique elements used in the score is rather basic, perhaps with the exception of the 19 stroke rolls in there. Since the drum score is so relatively easy, then there’s a lot of room for Continue reading

The Highland Wedding

This weeks shared drum score was written a number of years on request by a drumming student of mine who wanted to play this tune with one of his piper friends who knew this tune The Highland Wedding already. I’ve never really been a particular fan of the tune, but I’ve played in many bands and with a lot of different drum scores. Most famous is probably the Jim Kilpatrick drum score for this tune which seems to be almost a “massed bands” drum score for grade 1 drummers.

This drum score was meant to fit the experienced beginner drummer looking for a challenge or the straight up experienced drummer. It’s got a few challenging Continue reading

I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro

This drum score was also written for a local pipe band, and was made for the lovely tune “I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro”, which is a Danish folk tune – sort of a slow march/air. The name (ironically) means “In the deep silence of the forest”. The band decided to play it twice at the end of their Danish Selection of traditional Danish tunes. First time through with only the pipers playing, and then with the drummers coming in on the 2nd time through the tune. I think this arrangement work superbly and because it’s played twice and because the drummers Continue reading

The Gardens Of Skye

This weeks shared drum score was written for a local pipe band, as to be the first of their new 4/4 march set. The level is for the experienced drummer. In this particular drum score I decided to go for a lot of single runs of 5. The tune has a lot of long notes which leaves a lot of space for either drumming or silence from the drummers. Here, I chose the first in most cases.

I guess the most challenging part of the drum score is in the very first bar of part 2, where there’s a lot of triplets and Continue reading


This weeks shared drum score is the last in a set of three 4/4 marches. It was written for a local grade 4 band with an aim to compete in Scotland. In Denmark, this tune is often played in a 4/4 set of Scotland The Brave, Wings & Rowan Tree, so I’ve heard this tune lots of times. However, this if the first time I’ve written a specific drum score for this tune.

The technical level of the drum score matches that of the precious 2 shared drum scores – sort of in between Continue reading

Wha Saw The 42nd

This drum score was written as the 2nd piece of a 4/4 set – and for a local grade 4 pipe band aiming towards competing. The technical level of the drum score follows the level of last weeks shared drum score, with lots of the same rhythmical patterns.

I’ve got some chips written out for this drum score as well. Get in touch with me, if you’re interested in getting those, and I will Continue reading