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The Highland Wedding

This weeks shared drum score was written a number of years on request by a drumming student of mine who wanted to play this tune with one of his piper friends who knew this tune The Highland Wedding already. I’ve never really been a particular fan of the tune, but I’ve played in many bands and with a lot of different drum scores. Most famous is probably the Jim Kilpatrick drum score for this tune which seems to be almost a “massed bands” drum score for grade 1 drummers.

This drum score was meant to fit the experienced beginner drummer looking for a challenge or the straight up experienced drummer. It’s got a few challenging Continue reading

Corriechoillies 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting

Finally a different drum score for this famous massed bands tune typically played to with a standard massed bands drum score. This particular drum score was written for a local Danish pipe band to be played in a competition. The level of the drum score is meant to fit the beginner level drummers. However there are a few demanding patterns in there, such as Continue reading

Brown Haired Maiden

This weeks shared drum score was written for the 2/4 march “Brown Haired Maiden”. It’s written for a local Danish pipe band for the somewhat experienced beginner level, to eventually be played in a competition set. Ideally it’s written to allow for a crescendo to build up during 3rd & 4th bar of both parts. It should be playable by most beginners, however there are few challenges in the drum score, such as the Continue reading

Caller Herrin

This weeks shared drum score was written in 2020 for a tiny local Danish pipe band with just one snare drummer. He wanted something specific for the tune, so I wrote this drum score for him. Notice that the form/structure of this particula score is 1, 1, 2, 1, so no repeat of the 2nd part. It’s written for the more experienced beginner level. It has some challenges build in – for example the Continue reading

King George 5th Army

This weeks shared drum score was written for an experienced Danish drummer to play for solos, I believe. It was written back in 2010. I probably would write this different today – 11 years later. However, I like to share this because, maybe someone else can make use of it. It’s been sitting in my drum score folder for many years now. It was a funny Continue reading

Dornoch Links

The shared drum score of this week was written this summer for a tune called Dornoch Links. I really like this tune, and I think it should be played more, than I believe it does (maybe I just don’t hear it or listen for it). I played this tune in my very first season of competing in the solos back in 1994. I particularly recall that day at the Scandinavian Championships in Holbæk (what a nice venue in Strandparken, by the water) where I played in the intermediate class, in front of David Brown Sr. who was judging, and unexpectedly (for me) won 1st. place. I had already left Holbæk (for some reason I don’t recall) at the time of the prize giving, so someone else from the band picked up the trophy, diploma and judges sheet and handed it to me later on. I don’t remember anything from that original drum score I played, but I decided to revisit the tune by writing this new drum score for it. I think it should be drumable for beginners, although the endings in the 2nd part might be hard to Continue reading

Corriechoillies 43rd Welcome To The Northern Meeting

This weeks shared drum score was made more as sort of a gimmick. I have no count of how many times I have played this tune in massed bands and at gigs, so I thought I’d be fun to just let loose and see what came out if I just more or less jammed my way through the tune. So, this version is made for the advanced drummer, and is meant as something to just have Continue reading

Hamiltons Nutsack

The beats shared this week was written for the exciting tune Hamiltons Nutsack. The first time I heard this tune, it was played by the 1st Royal Engineers from Sweden. And then later I played the tune with Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band in 1999. I decided to give it a shot, to write a drum score for this tune on my June-challenge of writing a drum score every day in that month. The level is for the experienced player. The tune itself is very interesting a suggests a lot of off beats in the drumming, so that’s what I sort of Continue reading

Fraser Of Cairnie

This weeks shared drum score was written for Paul Wilson, who wrote me a suggestion for a drum score I should write when I did my June-challenge of 1 drum score pr. day in June. It’s written for the march Fraser Of Cairnie. It’s written for drummers at the experienced level. I particularly like the endings of this tune, and find the drumming here very Continue reading

High Drive

This weeks shared drum score was written back in 2001 for a Danish grade 4 band to be played in their medley. It’s written for the great tune High Drive composed by Gordon Duncan. The aim, when I wrote the score, was to fit the level of the drum corp at the time, and also really try to fit what was natural for the LD in that corp to play. So I played it over some times with her before laying down the final version of this drum score. I think it’s important to make sure that Continue reading

Lady Lever Park

This weeks shared drum score was made for the tune Lady Lever Park back in 2010. We played it with the Balagan concert band in a concert after the Copenhagen Winter Competition 2010. This march was the 2nd of two in a set of traditional marches. In the first march we only played rope tension drums, and then for this one, we had a regular pipe band snare join in. We did some call & response in the Continue reading

The Desert March

Following the statement I made on the facebook extension of this webpage, I decided to share a drum score meant to be played on a rope tension drum this week. The drum score was written for the Balagan concert band back in 2010 for a set of two traditional marches. In the first, this one, we only played two rope tension drums and the bass drum. For the second one, which I will share next week, we had one snare drum join in, and we also did some cool call & response with the different types of drums. The level of this drum score is at the beginner level. I find that when I write drum scores for the deeper and softer rope tension drums, it makes sense to make the beats simple for greater clarity and effect. My favourite part is the Continue reading

Mairis Wedding

This weeks drum score was written for the traditional tune Mairis Wedding. It was written for a beginner drummer to be played with his grade 4B parade band. The aim of this drum score was to make it simple, yet fitting for the tune. It’s pretty straight forward and it should be drum-able for any beginner drummer knowing the basics of Continue reading

Touching Cloth

This weeks drum score was written back in 2007 for the Balagan concert band medley. It was the opener of the medley. The tune is written by Chris Armstrong. I wanted to create a big impact right from the get go, that’s why I wrote those two big flams for the beginning. The drum score was written for the advanced level, and suited the drummers of the drum corp at the time. In the 3rd part it’s meant to be very quiet on the repeat in the first couple of bars. We’d have the bass & tenors make a Continue reading