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Touching Cloth

This weeks drum score was written back in 2007 for the Balagan concert band medley. It was the opener of the medley. The tune is written by Chris Armstrong. I wanted to create a big impact right from the get go, that’s why I wrote those two big flams for the beginning. The drum score was written for the advanced level, and suited the drummers of the drum corp at the time. In the 3rd part it’s meant to be very quiet on the repeat in the first couple of bars. We’d have the bass & tenors make a Continue reading


This drum score for Lochanside was written a few weeks back for a Danish grade 4 band. It builds on the more complicated drum score that I wrote for this tune a while back (also to be found on this site). This drum score is simplified to rolls, triplets and flams.

It seems to me that this is first non standard drum score that this specific band or drum corp has played. That’s why the level was adjusted to fit that aspect. Especially given the fact of the level being rather simple, it’s even more important to express the dynamics very clearly throughout. For example in the Continue reading

The Wellington Police Pipers

This drum score was written back in 2001 for a Danish grade 4 band with a strong drum corp. The piping tune, The Wellington Police Pipers In Australia, is very nice and uplifting, so the idea with the drum score was to bring out the same feeling. The volume should be gentle throughout when playing the drum score – this will also allow some dynamic range to bring out the accents. Notice that there’s no Continue reading